Superseder IIIc Battery Charger Analyzer

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A Battery Charger Analyzer for the testing of all vented nickel cadmium and sealed lead acid aircraft batteries

The Superseder is the premium battery charger analyzer for all your medium to large aircraft battery servicing needs.

The Superseeder lllc model incorporates an additional internal shunt which allows for connection to the BTAS16 PC based operating system and allows synchronized cycle start and stop functions.

It incorporates all the features you want in a battery charger analyzer from the easy to use yet flexible controls to the straight forward designed interior. It more closely matches the servicing requirements of leading aircraft battery manufacturer’s than any other charger available. Its impressive array of standard features include reverse polarity, short circuit and open circuit protection along with over-voltage, internal overheat, battery over temp., current out-of-tolerance, open current limiter, and capacity failure with both visual and audible warnings. 

Why take risks with other chargers which can severely damage your valuable batteries if they are even slightly out of calibration and give no audible alarms as to their status. With over 26 years of Superseders in the aviation market place not to mention our 50 years in the nickel cadmium aircraft battery business, we have the experience to know what works for you and your battery servicing needs.

So treat your batteries and yourself to as good as it gets, and get the battery charger analyzer that supersedes all the rest.


  • Constant current
  • Easy to use
  • Competitively priced
  • Variety of operating modes
  • Easily accessible interior
  • Charges/discharges up to two batteries at once
  • Fault protection circuitry
  • Up to 60 amps discharge
  • Up to 50 amps charge
  • Extensive technical support
  • Dual rate charging with automatic main to topping
  • Single cell charging capability
  • Battery over-temperature protection
  • Selectable constant current or constant potential modes
  • Easily re configurable for input voltages of 115V*,
  • 208V,230V, or 245V. (115V limited to 15 amps output)
  • Full digital display is easy to monitor.
  • Dependable solid state circuitry, no high current relays or contacts

Input Power

  • 115*/208/230/245 VAC (115 limited to 15 amp output)
  • Single phase
  • 50 or 60Hz (no adjustment required)
  • Plug type NEMA 6-30P (9331) mates to wall outlet 6-30R (9330)
  • AC line current - 3 amps at idle plus 1/2 the output (i.e. 40 amps is @ 23 amps)


  • Maximum current output: 50 amps
  • Minimum increment: 0.1 amp
  • Accuracy +/- 0.1 amp
  • Modes: Constant current-dual (main & topping) or single rate
  • Float voltage at 2.33 volts per cell (lead acid)
  • Peak voltage at 2.45 volts per cell (lead acid)
  • Timer: main - 1 to 9 hours / 1 to 60 hours topping
  • Over-temp. protection : fault at 102oF (39oC)
  • Current protection - fault > =/- 1.0 amps.
  • Over-voltage protection : 1.7 volts per cell selected.
  • Reverse polarity protection > -0.5 volts.
  • Fusing: 60 amps (slow blow)


  • Maximum current: 60 amps
  • Minimum increment: 0.1 am
  • Accuracy +/- 0.1 amp
  • Modes: Auto - terminates at 1.0 volts/cell selected, Full - deep cycle
  • Overheat protection: fault at heat sink temp. >1020F (900C)
  • Current protection - fault > =/- 1.0 amps.
  • Reverse polarity protection > -0.5 volts.
  • Fusing: 80 amps (quick blow)

Digital Panel Meters

  • Voltmeter : Accuracy +/- 0.25% in 200V scale, +/-0.01V in 20V
  • scale, +/-0.005V in 2V scale
  • Ammeter: Accuracy +/-0.5%, +/- 0.1A
  • Shunt: Accuracy +/-0.25%, output 1mV/A
  • Fusing: 1/4A (slow blow)


  • Time base: Crystal controlled
  • Modes: Normal (HH:MM), Fast (MM:SS), Test (SS:SS/60)
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.01%
  • Power failure protection: 9V battery back-up to resume operations
  • in the event of a power failure.

BTAS16 System

BTAS16 stands for Battery Testing and Analysis System. It is a PC based system which monitors batteries and individual cells while on charge or discharge on a separate charger/analyzer. The system is broken up into three basic components; the PC with software, the c-scan and the battery interface. The C-scan is the hardware that converts battery voltages and other data coming from the battery and sends the signals to the PC. The interface is the actual connection points to the battery.

The BTAS16 is capable of monitoring 16 batteries simultaneously from one PC. It also stores the data for later retrieval and can present the data in graphical form for visual analysis. (Note - a PC is not included in this system. The customer may use their own PC or the manufacturer can purchase one at an additional cost. The manufacturer recommends the software be loaded and tested at the manufacturer's facility). A dedicated PC is recommended.

If the user intends to monitor only one or two batteries at a time, they only need 1 ea. of item 1 or 2. If they intend to monitor more than two batteries simultaneously they will need an additional C-scan and interface for each battery. They will also require a shunt for each charger which is not either a Superseder IIIc, a Superseder XG or a 24-400XG. There are also additional accessories for temperature monitoring.

Parts List for BTAS 16 System

BTAS16 basic package, two batteries
Software, Instruction Manual, Data Interface, 2 ea. C-scan with power supply, 2 ea. Universal cable with clips, Data Hubs and Cables (as required for the specific installation).

C-Scan Data Acquisition Kit
Includes one C-Scan, Power Supply, Ribbon Cable and Data Cable. (One C-Scan reads one 19-22 cell battery, or two 11 cell batteries or three 7 cell batteries. It connects to the Data Interface directly or through the Data Hub).

Universal Cable with clips, for 20 Cell Batteries (large clips)
Usable with most batteries. Better suited for cells with large posts or large hardware.
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Part #Superseder IIIC
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