Tronair 10-6411-0000 Electric Lavatory Cart

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The Tronair electric aircraft lavatory cart is for use at high volume FBOs, charter companies, military, airlines, and airports throughout the world.

Standard Features

  • Sturdy welded steel construction
  • Dump and fill tanks constructed of high density polyethylene with UV inhibitors
  • Gravity emptied dump tank with gate valve
  • 18 in (46 cm) discharge hose
  • 1 in (2.54 cm) x 8 ft (2.4 m) fill hose
  • 30 in (76 cm) height to dump hose connection
  • Manual fill and dump pumps (6 stroke per gallon)
  • Electric fill pump (5 gpm) 10-6411-0000 ONLY
  • 8 in (20 cm) wheels
  • Front wheels lock with towbar in upright position
  • Front wheel assembly for easy maneuvering
  • Finish: Durable Powder Coat Tronair Blue

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Does this unit charge on both 50 HZ or 60 HZ?
This unit is built with a charger for 60 HZ or 50 HZ input voltages. If you are on 50 HZ voltage, you will need to buy an adapter locally to be able to plug in the charger and charge the lav cart.

General Information
Part #10-6411-0000
Shipping Information
Freight NMFC188560
Schedule B8716805070
Dump Tank136 (515) gal (l)
Fill PumpElectric
Fill Tank68 (257) gal (l)
Height45 (114) in (cm)
Length72 (183) in (cm)
Weight700 (318) lb (kg)
Width46 (117) in (cm)
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