Aircraft Safety Equipment - Hangar and Ramp

View our safety equipment for use in the hangar or on the ramp.

Safety Cabinets for Flammables

Backed by a century of flammable liquid handling expertise, Sure-Grip EX safety cabinets offer safe, dependable flammable liquid storage and protection. All cabinets are OSHA compliant and meet NFPA Code 30, and most are independently fire tested and approved by FM Global.

Justrite 893000
30 Gallon, 1 Shelf, 1 S/C Doors
Justrite 894500
45 Gallon, 1 Shelf, 1 S/C Doors
Hangar Safety Cabinets for Flammables
Hangar Safety Cabinets for Flammables
Safety Cabinets for Combustibles

These steel cabinets accommodate paint cans, aerosols, inks, and other combustibles.

Drum Cabinets for Flammables

View our cabinets for storage of vertically or horizontally positioned 30- to 55-gallon (110- to 200-liter) drums of hazardous liquids.

Safety Cabinets for Hazardous Materials

These cabinets safely store hazardous materials through the use of application-specific labels.