Aircraft Engine Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

View our full line of engine GSE to support your maintenance department.

View servicing units for engine oil (MIL-PRF-23699).
Tronair 06-5022-6800
2 Gallon Fluid Service Unit - MIL-PRF-23699 / MIL-PRF-87257
Tronair 06-5009-6800
Engine Oil Service Pot - 2.5 Gallon - Pressurized
Malabar 150 Oil Gun
Oil Gun - 1 Quart or Liter
87257 Hydraulic / Oil Servicing
Oil Servicing
Engine Compressor Washers
View our full line of ECW.
Tronair 08-4048-0013
7 Gallon Tanks
Tronair 08-4049-0013
12 Gallon Tanks
Tronair 08-4044-0010
200 Gallon - Gas Engine
Aircraft Engine Compressor Washers
ECW and Adapters
Engine Compressor Washer Fluids

These fluids are for use with your ECW and cleaning your aircraft's engine.

Engine Hoists and Slings
View our complete line of engine slings.
Tronair 08-0130-4000
Pratt & Whitney PW530A, PW545A
Tronair 08-0119-8000
Williams Engine FJ44
Tronair 08-0121-4010
PW305 Engine Sling
Aircraft Engine Compressor Washers
Engine Slings & Hoists
Fishpole Hoists

Your source for Fishpole Hoists. These hoists are widely used in the installation and removal of the APU, inboard and outboard flap actuators, and various engine accessories.

Engine Stands
View our full line of universal and engine specific stands for corporate to commercial airline aircraft.
Tronair 08-2021C0000
Rotating Stand
Tronair 08-2030-0000
Multiple Aircraft Engine Stand
Tronair 08-2034-0010
Multiple Aircraft Engine Stand
Aircraft Engine Compressor Washers
All Stands
Propeller Stands
View all of our aircraft propeller stands.
Tronair 08-2033-0000
King Air / C-12 Prop Stand
Aircraft Propeller Stands
Prop Stands
Test Equipment
View our engine test equipment.
Barfield TT1000A
Turbine Temperature Tester
Aircraft Engine Test Equipment
Test Equipment
Purchase turbine oil in various size capacities.