Aircraft Ground Power Units

Aircraft Ground Power Units
Including 28V DC and AC 400 HZ GPUs for the Aviation Industry

Ground Power Unit

Click a specific GPU category below that meets your aircraft / helicopter requirements.

28V DC Aircraft Ground Power Units
View our used and new products for 28V DC rectifiers including 3 phase and single phase units.
28V DC Gas / Diesel GPUs
View our mobile 28V diesel or gas portable ground power units for use on the ramp.
400 HZ AC Aircraft Ground Power Units
View our used and new 400 HZ AC frequency converters from 25 kVA up to 180 kVA that operate in the hangar or ramp on 3 phase input voltage or diesel engines.
Dual 400 HZ AC & 28V DC GPUs
View combo AC and DC output units that allow operators to have one unit that is able to supply ground power for a wide range of aircraft.
Portable DC Power Supply Units
Buy the latest portable power supply units for small to medium size turbine engine aircraft or helicopters.