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We are a global supplier of GPUs for 28V DC and AC 400 HZ in the Aviation Industry

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An aircraft ground power unit allows operators to provide DC and/or AC power to the aircraft while on the ground. These units are used to help start engines, perform maintenance, or provide general onboard power while the aircraft is in the hangar or on the ramp. Ground power units can operate off of single phase or 3 phase input voltage from a hangar or via diesel / gas.

28V DC Aircraft Ground Power Units
View our used and new products for 28V DC rectifiers including 3 phase and single phase units.
Tronair 112860S0100
600A Continuous / 2000A Peak Start, Single/Dual Output - 3 PH
Unitron 28V DC Rectifer
425A Continuous / 2000A Start - 3 PH
Foxcart 1600
800A Continuous / 1600 Start - 3 PH
28V Aircraft Ground Power Units
28.5 VDC Aircraft GPU - Solid State Rectifiers
View our 28V DC power supplies for supplying power to the aircraft in the hangar. These units provide 100, 200, or 300 amps continuous. These units are not used for starting.
Start Pac 53105
28V Power Supply - 105 Amp
Start Pac 53200
28V Power Supply - 200 Amp
Start Pac 53300
28V Power Supply - 300 Amp
Aircraft Hangar Power Supplies
28V Hangar Power Supplies
Portable DC Power Supply Units
Buy the latest portable power supply units for small to medium size turbine engine aircraft or helicopters. Portable battery units are setup for 24V, 26V, or 28V DC.
28.5V DC - Lithium - Portable Starting Unit
28V DC - Lead Acid - Portable Starting Unit
Start Pac One
28V Battery Jump Starter
Portable Battery Aircraft Ground Power Units
Portable Battery Aircraft Ground Power Units
View our spare parts for the complete line of Start Pac units.
QC Trolley
Mobile Trolley
QC All Weather Cover
All Weather Cover for QC Units
Mobile GPU Weather Cover
Mobile GPU All Weather Cover
Start Pac Parts
Start Pac Parts
28V DC Gas / Diesel GPUs
View our mobile 28V diesel or gas portable ground power units for use on the ramp.
Tronair 112820CT3
Diesel - Towable - 28V DC Cummins Tier 3 Diesel - 800 / 2000 amps
Tronair 11-6644C1010
Gas - Towable - 28 VDC, 150A Continuous / 1000A Peak
28V Diesel Aircraft Ground Power Units
28.5 VDC Diesel Aircraft GPU
400 HZ AC Aircraft Ground Power Units
View our 400 HZ AC frequency converters from 25 kVA up to 180 kVA that operate in the hangar or ramp environment on 3 phase input voltage or diesel engines.
Unitron 45 kVA - UFC-45M
3 Phase Input Voltage - 45 kVA Output
Unitron 75 kVA - UFC-75M
3 Phase Input Voltage - 75 kVA Output
Unitron 90 kVA - UFC-90M
3 Phase Input Voltage - 90 kVA Output
Aircraft AC (400 HZ) Ground Power Units
AC (400 HZ) Ground Power Units
Dual 400 HZ AC & 28V DC GPUs
View combo AC and DC output units that allow operators to have one unit with the ability to supply ground power for a wide range of aircraft. Units can operate on 3 phase input voltage or diesel engines.
45 kVA & 28V DC GPU
Combo 45 kVA & 28V DC
90 kVA / 28V DC GPU
Combo 90 kVA & 28V DC
Tronair 1190400C28T3
Dual AC 400 HZ 90 kVA / 28.5 VDC Towable Diesel
Aircraft AC (400 HZ) & DC Combo Ground Power Units
Aircraft AC (400 HZ) & DC Combo Ground Power Units
Parts & Spares
View and order parts for your ground power units.
Portable Load Banks
View our complete line of portable load banks to test and service 28 VDC and 400 HZ ground power units and gate boxes.
Rent: Ground Power Units

View options for short term and long GPU rentals including AC 400 HZ and 28V DC.