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We inventory used and new electric tugs manufactured by Tronair / JetPorter along with used Lektro tugs.

We are an authorized JetPorter distributor by Tronair. JetPorters are an industry leading all electric towbarless tug. Let us help you custom build, quote, and deliver a new tug to your flight department, maintenance facility, FBO, or airline. You may also view more information including available models, specifications, and video overviews below.

JetPorter Electric Tugs

Authorized JetPorter Electric Tug Distributor

The electric tugs allow aircraft operators and airlines to move aircraft into and out of hangars, relocate aircraft to another parking space, or push back the aircraft from the gate (jet bridge) without the hassle of using any towbars or heads.

JetPorter Models

JetPorter JP30 - Tow up to 30,000 lbs
The JP30 is capable of towing up to 30,000 lbs and has the power to move your aircraft with ease. Using a two-speed transaxle coupled directly to a 6 HP, continuous duty DC drive motor, gives this tug the power to get the tough jobs done. Many customers consider JETporter's ease of operation to be the best in the industry. Customers value the on board battery charger because a fresh charge is only the closest outlet away. FAQs for the JP30

JetPorter JP30L - Tow up to 30,000 lbs The JP30L has all of the same great benefits as the JP30 with two added features. The JP30L is three feet longer making it perfectly suited for use on long nose aircraft and the added length provides room for more luggage. The JP30L has an additional set of batteries which allows for longer run time between charges and more power. FAQs for the JP30L


JetPorter JP100s - Tow up to 100,000 lbs Newly redesigned, the JP100S is capable of towing up to 100,000 lbs. The JP100S has two independent continuous duty 10 HP DC motors. The improved version of the JP100S comes with power steering, a softer ride suspension and regenerative braking along with additional new features. The low profile of the JP100S allows you to drive under large cabin aircraft for tighter stacking, saving valuable hangar space. FAQs for the JP100s


JetPorter JP100SSC - Tow up to 100,000 lbs - With SoftCapture The JP100SSC with SoftCapture was the 2013's product of the year from Ground Support Worldwide. SoftCapture allows operators to tow aircraft without straps and without touching the strut or any part of the landing gear while never having to leave the driver's cockpit. The contact is made on the aircraft's nose landing gear tires only. This latest and most advanced electric tug technology will fit most common dual nose-wheel aircraft.

Parts and Accessories for Your JetPorter

View all used and new adapters and accessories for your JetPorter. View JetPorter Parts.

Pricing and Lead Time

We would be glad to help custom build, quote, and deliver a new JetPorter to you. Please contact us anytime to ask a question or let us help recommend the best JetPorter model for your towing requirements.

Trade-In or Sell Your Used Tug / GSE

Have a used electric tug you want to sell? Contact us to purchase or trade-in your used tug for new or used equipment. We offer simple trade-in and selling options for your used equipment to offset the costs of a new purchase.

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New Available

ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Tronair JP100STronairJP100STow up to 100,000 lbs
Tronair JP100SSCTronairJP100SSCTow up to 100,000 lbs - With SoftCapture
Tronair JP30TronairJP30Tow up to 30,000 lbs
Tronair JP30LTronairJP30LTow up to 30,000 lbs + 3ft Longer
Tronair JP75TronairJP75Tow up to 75,000 lbs
Tronair JP75SCTronairJP75SCTow up to 75,000 lbs - With SoftCapture